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Album Of The Month August 2012
Oddland | ‘The Treachery Of Senses’

There was a time when a Norwegian band called Green Carnation threatened to do something truly brilliant – then did.

It was an album called ‘The Quiet Offspring’.

A distillation of underground metal values into a catchy album of mature metal songs, full of depth and emotive power. Not very many bands have come close to it since it came out.

I reckon Oddland, from the odd land of Finland, have just about done it with this release, though. That means it’s an album you’ve got to hear.

Yes, it’s vaguely proggy, modernist and I know we’ve had a lot of that lately, not least with the superb Klone album last month – we’ll be back to spuds and porridge before long. Just give this a chance.

This album’s a bit like rolling Green Carnation, Winds, Devin Townsend, Novembers Doom and, um, Novembre into one pretty awesome package. It’s like what In The Woods… might still – we can dream – be doing, were they on the go.

The vocals hark eerily to both GC and ITW. A powerful, full bodied sung voice, totally in control of the notes, harmonised brilliantly and with a real ear for melody. They’re fantastic.

Then there’s the guitar. This is perhaps where the Novembre comparison comes in. Take a track like ‘In The Eyes Of The Mourning’. It’s got superb, melancholy licks that recall both ‘Classica’ and ‘Novembrine Waltz’. They’re sore, ruminative and fantastically well placed.

The band are pretty chuffing heavy when they want to be as well.

‘Aisle Of Array’ has that Devin Townsend chunk, and an absolutely monumental chorus. When those vocals soar ‘with one push, you are over’, the music actually makes you feel it.

What more can you ask?

You may find this one a bit of a punt. They’re not going to be on any mag covers any time soon, and they might well disappear into obscurity like fellow progressors Memfis and Frantic Bleep.

This album though is for fans of music, pure and simple. Repeat listens will not only be rewarded, you’ll pat yourself for picking it up with every single spin. Like all the best albums, you’ll always hear something new.

You know how it is with metal at the minute – instant download, instant judgement. Pause that one and buy this, spend time with it, and remember that some bands are still all about craft and creaivity.

They’re the ones making the dip for, and this is without question one such album.

4.3 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 16/08/12

  1. Another album of pure meaningless pap, the singing is so excruciatingly bad it’s like listening to a Finnish Enrique Iglesias.
    Like previous albums offered up and reviewed there is a complete lack of real emotion and atmosphere that may be magnified by the production that keeps the listener away from the guts of the music, which is afraid to show any edge or dull spot on it’s shiny “Professional” exterior.

    I just don’t understand this trip, “This album though is for fans of music, pure and simple.” – bollox, there is ten million records “fans of music” (who else would be bothered listening to the tracks and reading the review???) should listen to before this, and if your ears are that starved of intelligently crafted and creative music then fuck trying to find it in this second rate musician tier of metal collage graduates, bite the bullet and go raid your jazz section for some Basie, Hancock, or Davis, and gorge yourself, and come back fresh when your appetite is wet for some sweat, blood, tears (real), or at least something that fucking rocks.

  2. Chris Polin Says:

    They’ve certainly piqued Mayones’ interest!

  3. wizardinblack Says:

    Havn’t tried one yet but would like to give one a play – they are a bit lacking in the looks department though.

  4. You these are lacking?
    Just look at the top/colour options!

    Amazing guitars!

  5. wizardinblack Says:

    Sorry man, nothing to change my opinion there as regards how they look, in fact the cheapest line “Regius” looks the best and they get progressively shiter looking as you fork out more cash, right up to the truly shockingly horrible turned out Master build Series. They do have a lot of colour/top options but that’s no good thing when 90% of them look like dead sheep dressed up as mutton.

    I do look forward to giving one a go and seeing what the necks are like cos the proof is in the pudding.

  6. Ah I guess if your just not into them then there is no changing that! I love them, think they look fantatsic and the Master Builder Collection are to die for IMO.

    I dont own one(yet) but have played a couple and from what I remember they where super easy to play, adjusted to it straight away! Although I cant remember that well to do a nect comparison with any other guiatrs!

  7. wizardinblack Says:

    Ah I’m probably just old, the most “metal” looking guitar I have is a Chuck Schuldiner stealth and I bought that cos it was stuck in the 80’s (too).

  8. Chris Polin Says:

    I had one made, they’re absolutely spectacular. Best guitar I’ve ever played, hands down.

  9. wizardinblack Says:

    On both your recommendations I will certain look to check one out.

  10. I listened to one song. Rubbish. Like so many things that were coming out a decade ago and were shit. Like Frantic Bleep. Pretentious bollox.

  11. It’s about one step removed from Green Carnation, for example – yet they suffer none of the same accusations. Weird?

  12. That first song isn’t great, second one has some nice bits. I’ll give it a chance but not expecting much to be honest.

  13. wizardinblack Says:

    @ Earl Grey – In a bid to understand I took a listen to a couple of track of Green Carnation whom I’ve never heard of, including the hour of Day of Darkness, and I have to say it’s more of a giant leap for mankind rather then one small step away from the tracks above imo, I still wouldn’t be into all of it but the music is much more engaging and the quality of the composition and above all trueness of it’s execution lets even a relutent listener become involved, there is moments of pure beauty in all spetrums that simply can’t fail to be anything but good, vocally it’s stunning in places and although the production is fantastic it never crosses the line of being over produced. Anyway, I’ll go off and spout my bollox to the cat or something.

  14. This album isnt really like ‘Light of Day’ – I specifically compared it to the one mentioned because it IS broadly comparable.

    And broadly as good, too.

  15. I’m really enjoying this with each listen, headphones in and just lettin’ it wrap around my head!!!

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