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Album Of The Month February 2013
KEN Mode | ‘Entrench’

The thrill of that rare rush – given only by music that genuinely blisters with passion and aggression. The genre never matters. You just know when a band means it.

Ken Mode mean it like fuck.

This record is literally bursting at the seams, bursting with fury, aggression, talent and sweat.

‘Entrench’ literally steams with the stage heat that this has somehow packed into a jewel case.

‘Counter Culture Complex’ kicks it all off with a furious all over the place riff that opens out into a beautifully melancholy chorus.

The veritable feast of Botch / Dillinger / Burnt By The Sun titles are matched by the quality of their organic, pounding noisecore. ‘No; I’m In Control’ has a bass undertow that sounds like slurry while vocalist Jesse Mathewson utterly kills with his caustic vocals.

‘Your Heartwarming Story Makes Me Sick’ thrashes its limbs around in absolute tantrums of anger. As ever, the band always know when to open it out, and the upsum is a conclusion that’s a joyous riot.

And so it goes with the rest of the album. I didnt realise these guys were so well established. Indeed I’d never heard of them until a fortnight ago. These Canadians are just super at what they do, and they do it in the most punishing and authentic way possible.

There’s a ton of Burnt By The Sun in here, and perhaps a bit of Will Haven at points as well, and maybe some Unsane influences.

I just cant credit it enough. It’s the sound of guys pushing past their pain barriers and laying down music that’s as natural and powerful as the anger it’s challenging. Could there honestly be any greater calling in making underground music?

Get this at once, no matter what your genre tastes are. It transcends them with its focused violence and unmitigated irritation.

Utterly superb.

5/5 – Earl Grey ::: 04/02/13

  1. Never checked these guys out before but their name is familiar. That tune is savage. Sounds to me a lot like ‘Rockandrollkillingmachine’ by Drowningman. Killer. This type of thing became dull as dishwater in the last ten years with boring DEP clones who were all chaos and no real songwriting nous. That song, however, kicketh hoop.

  2. Brilliant. This is easily one of my most anticipated records for 2013. Venerable was something special and if this is half as good as the majority of the reviews have been saying then it’ll blow it out of the water. Great band, really good live too.

  3. open face sugery Says:

    Ya, Venerable was a fuckin beast of an album. They’ve siince moved to a bigger label than PL so it would seem things are on the up and up for them.

  4. That track is superb.

  5. Larl Keavey Says:

    They’ve always just gotten better and better through the years

  6. Looking forward to hearing this, one of the best bands I saw last year.

  7. Very excited about this. Would love to have seen them here when they played with Kylesa but couldn’t afford to drop all that money just to see them. Hopefully they get back for a show of their own sometime.

  8. open face sugery Says:

    Ya, it was just too much to pay to see a short set by one band.

  9. kev,em yeah Says:

    I’ve been looking for some decent hardcore of late and these guys fit the bill perfectly.

  10. there’s an entire hardcore column on the front page.

  11. strong reaction Says:

    They were by far band of the night at the Kylesa show, a very pleasant surprise to my jaded ears.

  12. kev,em yeah Says:

    This kind of hardcore would be the only style I’d be into, but I must give that thread a look.

  13. I’ve only heard of this band once or twice, but that track you linked is pretty class. Might have to pick this up.

  14. This sounds great, and is very reminiscent of early Beecher. I’ll have to pick this up.

  15. Jaysus. That track is fierce, definitely gonna check out the rest.

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