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Grinned | ‘Grin And Bear It’

Maybe it’s because I spent a large part of the last fortnight listening to Nasum, or maybe it’s just because I’m feeling unforgiving (actually, could one lead to the other?) – but I’m just not finding enough in this release from Grinned to satisfy.

The band, based in Cavan and featuring members from Eternal Helcaraxe and Solace Of Nadir, play a sort of grind that’s solid, but at times a little silly, and not really destined to go much farther than that artistically.

These short sharp shocks have all that’s required in terms of the basic format, and indeed some excellent blast work in the drumming department.

I mean I get it, this stuff is tongue in cheek, loads of grind is essentially scat humour anyway, songs aren’t really supposed to be very good as such, etc etc.

It’s just that contrasted to GOOD grind, which usually has either political or social invective at its core, or on the other side of the coin an absolutely deranged animosity, the sort of basic riffing and blasting, having a laugh agenda isn’t really one that carries much weight.

To that end it’s a bit of grunt, squeal, grunt, squeal with at least two vocalists trading noises to no real end that I can determine.

In places it’s very good, such as the excellent ‘H1N1’ which would even put you in mind of Abaddon Incarnate’s better offerings. And ok, where humour’s concerned the Eastenders beat into ‘Irritant’ is actually pretty rib tickling almost every time – while it’s blasts are rocket fuel indeed.

There’s too much like ‘Fear Factor’ though, which is just larking around for the sake of it with stupid vocals and a crap riff.

I’m not sure what the lads are trying to really do over and above having a bit of fun,which is annoying because the production is good and meaty and the drums are fantastic. I just wish they’d apply their evidently high standards to something with a bit more of a reason to exist other than shits and giggles over a passed round spliff and a packet of beef McCoys at band practise.

2.3 / 5 – Earl Grey :: 28/05/13

  1. I never really pay much attention to lyrics in metal/grind, and especially when they have a political nature. But I know that there’s definitely more to what these guys are doing than just having a laugh.

    Bloody deadly live band, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting my hands on the album now.

  2. DISRUPTER Says:

    Thanks for the Review, we don’t sing about Scat Humor!

  3. Connor Putrefy Says:

    I think it sounds pretty cool.

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