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Album Of The Month September 2013
Unmothered | ‘Unmothered’

One word: WOW.

If I’ve said it once, I’ll repeat it til I’m blue in the face. There is just something so mountain-movingly brutal about a tight, hard power trio that no other band format can replicate.

Unmothered, from Texas, are the very definition of that power trio. Except even better than that, they’re steeped in a watery, mouldy atmosphere that sets them utterly apart.

The opening track on this 27 minute, seven song masterpiece just sets it all out: reverbed to fuck, a lurching sluglike groove worthy of the best Unsane, toppling over itself with atmosphere any portent.

Bellowed vocals, subterranean guitar and the most irresistable of beats that recall Mindrot, Korpse while at the same time nodding to more modern concerns like You Judas and KenMODE just flow from this band like blackened honey.

Everything is amazing. ‘The Awakening’ is probably the most characteristically Doom led track, harking to YOB at the same time, or possibly the likes of Atavist or Neanderthal. It’s about the most light hearted on here.

They win the prize for most accurate track name ever with fourth cut ‘Dark Energy’, which unsurprisingly by this point does exactly what it’s name suggests – pummeling forward with atmosphere in abundance, delayed and reverbed plucks haunting the top of it.

Few records come so bursting with utter cool. In a world where even the underground is so desperately commodified as to retain almost no character any more, the joy of finding a band like this just cant be overstated.

Unmothered are a hidden gem. Do not let it stay that way. Search, dig, hunt for this EP like your taste in music depends upon it. You’ll be rewarded by finding a record of modest means from a band unconcerned for style which manages to floor almost anything else I’ve heard this year.

It’s a fucking ‘beaut.

5/5 – Earl Grey ::: 09/09/13


    Full stream. Liking the sound of it.

  2. Black Shepherd Carnage Says:

    Thanks for the link there Matt. Cracking little album alright… a tour with Bölzer should be on the cards if the gods do see fit.

  3. saw you mention this on a tweet. Checked them out an blown away. Sorting my copy now from the distro

  4. Weirdly, I was about to review this.It’s a good ‘un

  5. Black Shepherd Carnage Says:

    $13 for the LP… $30 for shipping to France, guess it’ll be about the same for Ireland. Fuck.

  6. Erk… there must be something the band can do about that. They seem to be on Twitter at @unmothered some hopefully folk can work something out. It’s too good not to!!

  7. Black Shepherd Carnage Says:

    Ah, I misunderstood the mail I got… it’s $30 including LP + postage – €22-23 so…

  8. its $30 all in. I asked the band but they said to go through the 2 stores. If anyone wants to split postage from Northern Ireland, i’ll be happy to do it.

  9. joe_unmothered Says:

    Unfortunately, our distro gets way better shipping rates than us because of their business and regular volume of shipping with the postal service. It would be so expensive for us to ship that it’s just better to go with the distros. We are exploring options for a distro group in Europe, but until then the shipping rates you’re being quoted are really the cheapest possible. I feel your pain as I am an avid vinyl collector too and have paid obscene amounts for postage from Europe too. Thank you all for the support and hopefully we will have an opportunity to see you all soon!


    Joe the bass player

  10. Listened to that ‘Dark Energy’ track a few time s and it’s a real stomper.

  11. This album is unreal

    Some savage riffage / drumming / vocals / passages … got the lot … really well written stuff

  12. Not bad at all, early Mastodon all over it. Even blatantly ripping them off at one point in that track. Though I wouldn’t hold that against them.

    But 5/5? Really?

  13. There’s a little whiff of Ultimate Destroyer era Lair Of The Minotaur off that, sounds decent but 5/5? Really?

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