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Scylla | ‘Nascency’

Always good to see more underground BM coming out of Ireland.

There is however a fatal problem: the bar has been set almost unattainably high by the might of Myrkr, Slidhr and Altar of Plagues that its almost hard for the next generation to credibly follow.

Nonetheless, Scylla are giving it a go in a pleasantly orthodox and not-rocking-any-boats fashion. It's Norsecore, through and through.

A decently atmospheric clean picked riff opens this cd, summoning admirable atmosphere right from the start.

The drums, crucial to any BM effort, are pretty good too – a nice 'real', if budget, production allows them to sound like part of the music instead of tacked on.

Opener 'Lamia' is pretty heavy, and 'Purgatory' shows off some decent speedy drumming. Top marks also go for giving the bass some room in the mix, adding a bit of girth to what could have been otherwise flimsy.

'Martyring Of An Angel' goes for a bit of a different feel from the rest of the material, opening with a drumbeat that you'd swear was influenced by Sepultura's 'Territory', or at least Igor Cavalera generally, before slowing right down for a meditative verse.

It's odd – in a way, much of this is a classic piece of juvenalia, the band getting their extreme stuff cracked out before writing more considered fayre. Yet at the same time, tracks like that last show a pleasant desire to try different approaches even at this early stage.

They need to sort the daffy duck vocals out, which just sound plain comedic – at the absolute least, they need some cavernous reverb to take the sense of a youth trying Very Hard To Be Evil out of it.

They've got good drumming, thick guitars and some neat approaches. That's not to overegg it though; this is of course utterly textbook beginners black metal.

Where they take it from here should be interesting, but they'll need a lot better in production stakes, plenty of live experience or at least the balls to write in REALLY different styles to make it all work for them.

The should keep at it, anyhow. And probably drop the very dubious clean vocals.

Earl Grey ::: 19/09/13

  1. Janie those clean vocals are shocking, interesting mix though apart from that.

  2. Nightmare Circular Says:

    I’m by no means a black metal connoisseur but those vocals are just awful. Both the cleans and the gutturals, but especially the cleans. Some interesting ideas though, if they work hard with the song writing, get someone else in on vocal duties and up the production stakes next time it could be cool.

  3. The vocalist can’t sing, plain and simple. He’s got a good scream though, it’s vicious and suits the music well.

    Good stuff, I like it!

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