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Barbariön | ‘Ram The World’

Attention weaklings and puny non-manly men! Yes, you, you frail, delicate specimen of manhood reading this!

Are you in need of testosterone? Do other Real Men look at you in the street and shake their heads in masculine pity?

If the answer is yes, then you need some Barbariön in your life.

Having seen them completely win over an initially bewildered crowd at Muskelrock 2013, culminating in a thousand people chopping the air during ‘Chop’ and singing along to a markedly sombre song about the deceased Mathilda, the singer’s favourite wife, it was absolutely imperative that every single piece of Barbariön gear be picked up immediately.

And rightly so, because Barbariön fucking rock.

Spinal Tap by way of Braveheart and 300’s Spartans, there is simply none more metal. None.

With every song being about how amazing they are and how much they kick ass, this is impossible not to love. To be fair I don’t dare not love it, for fear of them coming through the speakers to beat the shit out of me.

Barbariön are an even more over the top Manowar, without even a shred of shame. Featuring two vocalists and an over abundance of self confidence, ‘Ram The World’ is a fantastic slab of comedy metal with the same outlook as Steel Panther; that completely ludicrous self belief.

It’s a glorious listen, and makes me want to go straight out, slay a bear with my bare hands and chop some meat. With an axe.

With lyrics such as “Together we stand alone” (harkening back to ‘The Majesty Of Rock’) and “Through the mist in a twist of leather / Boots and balls we swing better / We bring more than you ever did / We bring heavy on your head like this,” it’s just an amazing album, and hard to listen to without grinning – the way ‘Chop’ is sung is just crazy. And manly as fuck.

Barbariön have a simple thanks list on this second album. They thank Barbariön.

Holy crap, even after writing this, my balls have become so massive I can comfortably use them as a seat. Get this. It’ll make you feel AAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!

4 / 5 – Dónal McBrien ::: 20/01/14

  1. ” ‘Ram The World’ is a fantastic slab of comedy metal… ”

    And that’s where you lost me, I’m afraid.

  2. Jesus that’s woeful.

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