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Limelight Oct 3rd

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Putrefy – Knelt Before The Sarcophagus Of Humanity – Exclusive Stream

Northern Ireland’s death grind veterans Putrefy have raised the stakes to put out their best ever work.

Metalireland brings you the exclusive stream of the new album ‘Knelt Before The Sarcophagus Of Humanity.’ The band have moved beyond the gore and guts of previous outings to a much more sophisticated and accessible style of death metal.

Packed with groove and aggression, but full of fluid solos reminiscent of Deicide, the band have upped their game considerably. Hear it here – now.

We’ve got the full stream except one track – a reworking of ‘Pig Fucker’ – that’s held back for the full release. We’ve also had a word with guitarist Connor Brown, who fills us in on just what makes this one so different. Enjoy!

Right from the start it’s clear that so much more work has gone into this one, and the quality is apparent immediately. What’s with that – it’s like you’ve just skipped two gears up?

The writing process of this album was a lot more thorough than previous albums and we really locked in to produce, what we believe to be,a pretty good death metal album. Again, the focus with us is always the power of the riff with grooves ala Internal Bleeding/Suffocation but with this album we incorporated some of those old school Massacre/Death-esque riffs that really get heads banging.

We wanted an album focused on the music without the gore/porn samples. This album was a massive step away from that. It’s, dare I say it, a more mature release? The lyrical content, whilst still very brutal , is more so influenced by apocalyptic themes but there’s still abit of bludgeoning of old along the way.

We were very lucky too, as our good friend, Darren Hutton, who recorded the album, had just opened his studio and we had means to test many amps to get cool tones etc and really spend time on the album to make sure it sounded killer.

I’m getting a real classic vibe off it, total Suffocation worship in places, like a bit of ‘Despise The Sun’ out of ‘The Lament Configuration’.

Yeah, there’s plenty of that in it all right! It’s no secret, we wear our Influences on our sleeves and that can be heard throughout the album. We’re very much influenced by those New York and Florida scenes of the early 90s. I’m sure you all know the records in question!

There’s more of an emphasis on clarity and fluidity in the solos this time round. Was that something that you worked on especially?

I can’t take credit for the solos as they’re all Aaron’s work. He worked hard on the solos making sure they flowed well with each track so that each one had their own identity. He did a real good job.

It’s funny cause I can’t play what I would call good lead guitar for shit and I would hum silly lead lines to him which were generally references to Trey azagthoth or terrence Hobbs and he’d go away and shred said line into the solo that he’d have going on for the track. There’s definitely a Florida death metal sound to the solos!

In a way it’s actually much more accessible than your previous releases too, given an emphasis on melody, harmony and hooks – while none of the heaviness is sacrificed. Again, was that a band decision?

The heaviness never gets sacrificed! Though I would agree there’s a lot more melody on this album but it’s all catchy dark riffs trying to draw the listener in but only to surprise them with a haymaker on the chops with a huge breakdown. Tension and release.

It’s a lot more accessible yeah but we reckon that’s because it’s focused on good song writing and not offensive for the sake of it. There’s a fair bit more atmosphere on this album too with a lil’ bit of synths that Aaron and i conjured up. We think it works well and adds to the overall feel of the album.

‘Life Deprivation’ has a killer groove. I’m guessing that must be one of the live standouts, or in your rehearsals at least?

Yeah it has one helluva breakdown in the middle!! That’s that haymaker I’m talking about!! The bass especially really shifts the gears in it. We’ve actually only played it once and that was at the limelight gig in Belfast a few months back. It went down pretty good if I recall.

We’re playing about half the album in our set these days but still play a selection of the older tracks as they’re still fun to play and crowds still dig the older stuff. They still get the pits moving but we hope folk like the new material too.


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  1. Sounds great, look forward to picking it up!

  2. Meh..sounds very muddy.

  3. If this wasn’t an Irish band, it wouldn’t even get a review here. Nonsense

  4. open face surgery Says:

    Well, it is an Irish band and they would anyway, because they paid for it.

  5. Black Shepherd Says:

    The same could be said about 90% of the Irish releases that get reviewed here Ed, making your point a bit redundant, unfathomable even. Only pay attention to what I like!

    I’m enjoying my listen through a lot here. Really damn tight and some fucking great passages scattered throughout.

  6. Ghost Dad BC Says:

    Love it!

  7. slit your guts Says:

    Sounds good, I do prefer the previous album they did 5 years ago.

  8. @open face surgery

    Careful, you may get censored!

  9. Had a few listens to this and to these ears it’s a great album IMHO. Flows well some tasty solos and as mentioned plenty of groove. Personally not into the gore side of the band however this in my view is a welcome change and ups the ante in terms of aggression and lyrical content. Great stuff lads and looking forward to hearing this live!!

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