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Decimation | ‘Realm Of Ungodly Creation’

While I’m not a particularly big fan personally, you have to hand it Suffocation.

The fact is that almost 25 years on from “Effigy of the Forgotten”, the template for Brutal Death Metal they created with that record still seems to be being used by new bands – and indeed they’ve pretty much inspired a subgenre of DM singlehandedly that continues to flourish.

It’s a template Turkey’s Decimation have certainly absorbed with their brand of hyper polished blastarama clearly having roots in that record.

Their precision assault has perhaps absorbed some of the abstract lessons of Gorguts and Demilich along the way, and with these influences certainly visible on their sleeves,they’ve taken a whirlwind approach that’s led clearly from behind the drumkit. If double bass and almost total blasting are your thing, this band will be right up your street.

Luckily for those of us usually uninterested in this end of the Death Metal deli tray, they’ve also clearly spent time as much time on structure and riffing as they have on monitoring their bpm. Resultingly, “Reign Of Ungodly Creation” is one of the more listenable offereings from the BDM spectrum. Blessed with a crystal clear production, every note is captured perfectly here.

Variety isn’t going to come into it with a band like this, but taken on their own merits, the dexterity they inject into swapping between full speed and the less rapid but no less frantic sections is impressive.

Killer Rhythmic Quirks

There’s some killer rythmic quirks in “Abberant Ablution By Filthy Excrements Of a Grotesque Crassamentum” when they slow down that keep things tumbling along unpredictably, and the drummer’s ability to shift gears while all the time remaining metronomically accurate is remarkable.

Of course it’s not all about the drums. The vocals are the expected guttural growl but the guitarists are agile throughout Take highlight “Psalm Carnage In the Ghoulish Chapel of Gehenna” (yeah, English isn’t their first language) which opens with some tasty riffing that Luc Lemay would be proud of, and which is expanded and embellished over the course of the song -their slowest – to impressive effect.

All this talk of precision – that’s what I think Decimation are aiming for here rather than simple brutality. Sure, they have that in spades, but they want to make your head spin, and when they fuse the violence with the rythmic ingenuity on a song like “Devilsh Domain Vortex in the Gloom Of Wicked Ziggurat”, it will leave you lightheaded.

Music like this is an acquired taste for sure, and the constant speed becomes tedious im places, but the sheer proficiency and focus on offer here from Decimation is inarguable.

Sitting nicely between two stools, the technical and the bloodthirsty, this band have achieved an equilibrium between the two that fans of the style will no doubt lap up. For the rest of us, credit where credit is due, it’s one of the more listenable efforts from the guttural dm stable lately

3.2 – Jamie Grimes ::: 5/11/14

  1. Not into brutal dm like I used to be years ago but this is very tight. Sounds good. But the names of the tracks are hilarious. Good find.

  2. I like that

  3. Eoin McLove Says:

    I think this is the right side of bru-tech stuff. It still sounds pretty dark and menacing. Nice warm production too. In honesty, I’d probably not buy it as the shopping list is already out the door but it sounds very decent. Hints of Dead Congregation in places maybe?

  4. pentagrimes Says:

    Yeah, it sits nicely between the all out ultra brutal stuff like year Defeated Sanity typed and something more in the Dead Congregation or Immolation vein alright. I appreciate the fact there’s a lot of clarity in what they’re doing rather than being ultra guttural.

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