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Job For A Cowboy | ‘Sun Eater’

The important thing here is that you do NOT think deathcore. Too difficult? Keep reading.

Yes, that’s what they were, we all know it. But they’re not any more. This is textbook progressive death metal done brilliantly.

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice about opener ‘Eating The Visions Of God’ is the outrageously brilliant bass. How it’s full, thick and absolutely controls this track.

The slow, brooding song widens out with incredible chord work on the guitar reminding instantly of Atheist, before a fluid solo reminiscent of recent work by The Faceless just provides the icing on the cake.

It is so, so far beyond the kind of music they unfortunately became associated with that its unbelievable.

If there isn’t a pun in ‘Sun Of Nihility’ referencing Decapitated then I’ll eat my hat. The track sounds like the kind of thing Decapitated themselves have been moving toward, albeit with greater awareness of dynamic. Once again the bass is absolutely monster.

Two mid paced tracks – no need to go mad – within which they just demonstrate how they absolutely own the music they’re now making.

It goes on, coming close to topping Gojira levels of songwriting but perhaps just falling short by a scintilla given the Frenchmen’s surpassing grooviness – which JFAC don’t really seem too concerned about as yet.

For this is almost vintage Prog DM, straight from Atheist,Theory In Practise and their ilk.

Good as it is, perhaps it gets a smidgen formulaic (a very detailed formula, mind) toward the back end of the album. So while you’ve got choppy fast numbers like ‘The Synthetic Sea’ in there, with it’s Necrophagist tightness, by the time you get to ‘Buried Monuments’ you’ve heard a lot of it.

It isn’t a big deal given the quality of everything in here, but it can begin to feel like a little bit of a tech workout. Perhaps they could have trimmed it all by a track or two.

Anyway, it’s a small gripe. This is some absolute quality tech death metal, with some stellar musicianship and verve that must be heard to be appreciated.

It’s funny, I had a hunch they were up to something good a few years back, though it hadn’t totally come to fruition.

Now it has, and you’d be poorer for not taking the time to check it out. What is it with death metal bass lately! Some of the tones and playing at the moment are just fantastic.

A really, really satisfying record.

3.9 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 11/12/14

  1. Great band, particularly the Ruination album.

    I was so stoked to see them when they played in Dublin, but their sound was fucking atrocious! Couldn’t even recognise what they were playing FFS.

    Hopefully they come back to have another try though.

  2. This is a great album, blasted it out a good few times. Really liking the songs all over rather than just one or two stand out tracks they all have something good to offer.

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