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Venus Sleeps – ‘Dead Sun Worship’ | Stream

It started as the vision of one man Doom fan Sie Carroll – and it’s now a band of committed skyway corsairs. Venus Sleeps have just dropped their new album, and it’s a cracker.

Space Lords – Sie & Fergal

Sie, you’ve built Venus Sleeps from a one man project into a true band. What changes have you had to contend with along the way in sharing that original vision with a bunch of other guys now?

Sie: It’s a transition that happened very naturally, I’d have to admit that in writing and recording the demo I didn’t have nor think about what vision I was pursuing with VS.

It’s something that with the input of the guys we’ve come to shape and find common ground on, it must be something of everyone’s vision or it won’t work.

Dead Sun Worship represents the beginnings of that search and we have ideas of where we’d like to go, but we’d be lying if we stated that we have a clear vision, and just at this moment, as the band forms, it’s that freedom of expression and exploration that excites us when we play.

The artwork is fantastic as ever from Emmett Connel. What was the brief, how did you describe what you wanted – and has it worked for you?

Sie: Having already been a fan of some of Emmett’s previous artwork, particularly Wild Rocket’s “Geomagnetic Hallucinations” and Parhelia’s “The Precipice of Change” covers, we were very confident choosing the Lost Cosmonaut to create the artwork.

The brief was quite difficult and conflicting on paper I would think, we wanted the colours and scene to artistically describe the mood that the songs were created and performed in. We asked that it be depressive, dark, bleak – but not stark.

Otherworldly and organic, it had to point to the past and the present but allow one to envision a future and, most importantly, it had to covey what the songs are; an ode to burden and the negative self, the imposition of the depressive element, the consuming nature of these huge emotional masses and the effect of their gravitational pull.

We were stunned by the quality and talent displayed by Emmett in depicting and evolving these ideas and his enthusiasm in involving himself in the music by coming to rehearsals and hearing the tracks raw. The artwork surpassed our already lofty expectation of what Emmett might create and we look forward to working with the Lost Cosmonaut again.

Photo courtesy of Simon Ward

There’s a wide array of influences in here. Andy Cunningham said he heard initial sprinklings of Goth on the demo, while I can even hear Janes Addiction in places. How widely do you draw from, despite being obviously an authentic Doom band?

Fergal: I think being an authentic band, doom or otherwise, is about taking influences from all the music you have a passion for. The late addition to the album of Golden Hair, which is a cover from Syd Barrett’s 1968 debut solo album was something that Sie had recorded on his own but felt it would be a great fit for the overall atmosphere of the album.

He played it for us and we all agreed it had to go in. We aren’t confining ourselves to any genre (but it has to have guitars!!). As Sie mentioned above, the freedom of expression and our personal musical explorations are the main driving forces in this band, and these seem to be combining harmoniously for the four of us when we get in the rehearsal room.

Sie: On the demo I could easily point at the Blues, Pyscedelic Rock, Space Rock, and (80’s) Pop as elemental influences, these have carried into Dead Sun Worship and the band has certainly expanded and added to them, I’m learning that what goes in is rarely what comes out, which is exciting and unconfined.

Earl Grey ::: 12/03/15

  1. Cool stuff – great live band too!

  2. pentagrimes Says:

    Delighted to have seen how this has developed since that first demo.Onward and upward!

  3. Sounds great guys. Sie, you’ll have to get Premier Guitar in for a rig rundown – the use of effects sounds class!

  4. Welshchris Says:

    It’s a cracker chaps

  5. open face surgery Says:

    Fair play lads, this is fantastic. Only gripe would be that I Am The Night, aside from conjuring up that baby bat meme, leans a bit too far in the Wizard direction for me. Everything else is spot on. The cover works really well.

  6. Eoin McLove Says:

    Great production. Sie’s vocals really add a ton of character. Fair play.

  7. Black Shepherd Says:

    This is deadly. Fair play lads, listened to it a few times over the last couple of days. LP in the pipeline?

  8. Seán (BotS) Says:

    LP is now in the pipeline.

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