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Zylum | ‘Pray For Nothing’

It’s a release out of time, this, and a wonderful one.

It feels like something from another era, in the best possible way.

The crunching guitars, the dark, eerie chord changes and the background keyboards speak to a time of early Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Tiamat and so much else.

There’s even a hint of industrial with some definite nods to Godflesh in it too.

So the Nenagh band, with the inclusion of soundscape man Ruairi O Baoighill, have really hit on an awesome mix here.

Let’s take first that awesomely 90s guitar tone – sort of Stockholm / Skogsberg sound, it has a menace all of its own with a simple power chord. It towers.

That very particular tone – rusty and bloody around the edges, but thick and full – just says everything about the music. It’s threatening and dark.

Each of these tracks is crushing in its own way, and at around six or seven minutes apiece provide much to get lost in.

The keyboards in ‘Crown Of Thorns’ help accentuate its slow pummel, leading to a very ‘Gothic’ or ‘Eternal’ feeling chorus. Those macabre chord changes could have come straight off that album.

The devilish feel is continued in ‘Christian Rituals’ with that Diabolous In Musica riff at the start. The skipping fast beat which comes in intermittently is hammering too, with the tolling church bell a wonderful touch.

‘Destroyer’ opens with a My Dying Bride feel, from around ‘As The Flower Withers’, with well placed harmonies on the guitars leading into a most impressive chug.

It’s just a fantastic offering, put together by a band who’re obviously steeped in that era. They’ve managed to rekindle it expertly, with passion and no small amount of nuance.

Big, meaty guitars and an atmosphere straight out of 1992 – absolutely wonderful. It could however do with some better or more appropriate art to sell it and communicate the mood more thoroughly.

Well done, though – I’ve played this a ton lately.

Earl Grey ::: 30/06/16

  1. good stuff. the lads have a great live show too.

  2. OpenSores Says:

    Very much enjoying this, must check em’ out further.

  3. Pentecost7 Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed that. Will check it out. Early 90s were the best!. This has memories of tiamat, MDB, Enchantment and even Ministry to these ears. Only negative would be that the artwork doesnt echo the sound

  4. Earl grey Says:

    Totally agreed. Needs to look like Crestfallen etc

  5. leatherface Says:

    Any hard copies of this floating about? (Ta!)

  6. We are in the process of getting some hard copies done up,untill then, if anyone wants the 5 track ep, just send an email address to our facebook page and we will forward on the tracks free of charge!

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