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Live In Ireland

Friday 11 Nov, Button Factory, Dublin

Delain | ‘Moonbathers’

Delain are my guilty pleasure. One of my many, in truth – but chief in the rogues gallery.

I couldn’t quite pin-point what it is about them that find even acceptable or enjoyable.

With bands like Delain you dont really have to think too hard (and certainly shouldnt try to): that’s all there is to it.

Leave the hard man stuff at the door. Just go along with it.

But, yes, much of it must come down to Charlotte Wessels’ voice: clear, liquid and a little nasal, it just hits a certain spot that I find incredilby listenable.

Their last album did well round these parts, and it’s a pleasure to report that there’s equally as much quality on offer here.

Crack Committee

It kicks off in fine form with ‘Hands Of Gold’. Who could deny such a chorus of eurometal? Closer to the edge / closer to experience trills Charlotte for the lead vamp, and it’s beautiful.

‘Monster’ is more of what you want from such Wacken headlining confection. Again, the music would be entirely average without her crystal tonailty on it.

It sounds like it’s been written by a crack committee of rock industry savants – wasn’t Alice Cooper’s ‘Trash’? – who’ve even made sure to incude up to the minute Meshuggah hints in it. I would laugh at the notion if I didnt enjoy it so much.

Colossal ‘woooooahs’ embellish Suckerpunch, a song already so embellished with every keyboard texture and orchestral sample it groans from it, and yet one finds oneself transported to a starry field in Germany to yell along.

‘Chrysalis’ is the one for teenage girls in their Nightmare Before Christmas phase, which gets out of the way just in time for ‘Fire With Fire’ to come back in with a bit of pump.


Of course it’s all pop, not metal – not really: that much is distinctly obvious in the god awful ‘Danse Macabre’, which does what most pop music does these days in taking a warble more than a lyric and making it the main earworm of the song.

Or trying to – this ‘eeee eee yaa aah’ muck doesnt quite cut it.

Helpfully ‘Scandal’ comes in to rescue the whole thing in a distincly 80’s Heart style manner, so full marks there.

Any individual tune on this could be in next year’s Eurovision its so saccharine and Germanic. But by jove it’s enjoyable.

Some stuff just can’t be excused, and I’m not even going to attempt to justify enjoying such a commoditized and depthless piece of work.

I just do, and heartily.

3.8 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 16/09/16

  1. Free box of jam rags with every purchase

  2. Shed get wavin tho in fairness.

  3. C’mon earl, the only reason u like this cack is cause ud love to poke yer wan.

  4. Typical bullshit response from the moron division of MI. Wind your necks in, get off the computer and stop wasting your life making school boy comments on the internet.

  5. Sounds like someone is on the rag alright.

  6. Blaine!?! What?

    Terrible shite btw.

  7. burningangel Says:

    Can’t say I’m too much of a fan of how when anything slightly mainstream is reviewed on this site that the reviewer spends half their wordcount trying to justify why it’s in their music collection, if the music is good that’s all you have to convince us of.

    As for the album itself, it’s a decent mixed bag but far from their best.

    It wasn’t mentioned but the reason for ‘Scandal’ sounding so 80’s is because its a Queen cover, one that should’ve been cut from the album in my opinion. Also I’m not sure what this ‘Monster’ track is supposed to be either, nothing with a name like that on album I’ve got here.

  8. MI gone down the click bait road?

  9. burningangel Says:

    ^ bad attempts at trolling is probably my second pet peeve

  10. I had no idea that was a Queen cover. Just listening to the original now.

    In fairness they havent totally murdered it.

  11. Guessing the Monster business refers to “The Glory and the Scum” wasn’t keen on that much like half the album agree with above Queen cover should’ve been left off.

    They have their fair share of absolute cheese no doubt but that can be enjoyable and some people just don’t like fun really.

    Button Factory will be hit in November for them 🙂

  12. Wow, awful band.

  13. Deadly band never knew them also checked out the bands they play with in November also deadly ..will Definitely hit the gig..

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