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The Metal Insight Podcast #32

Akercocke have reformed - Jason Mendonca on life, image and integrity

Yes, the suits too. But also... apple pie?

When they landed they were a sensation. The suits. The sound. The blistering, new death metal they brought.

After 5 years hiatus, they’ve reformed. They’ve an album in the can and are eager to push an updated, more mature sound. It reflects the changes they’ve undergone as individuals and as a group – some pretty profound.

Jason Mendonca from the band tells the Metal Insight Podcast of the band’s journey as people; what’s gone into making it; and even lets us hear some of the samples right from his home studio. They sound bloody good too.

They’ll be playing the Ritual Festival pre-show in Leeds on 7 April along with with Fen, The Infernal Sea & Sathame.

Suited and Booted

I’ve always thought that too many people focused on Akercocke’s image. That was their problem: they let that genie out of the bottle. It was fantastic when they first started out. And on stage it was an amazing look too.

Yet it sometimes came to obsure the insanely high quality of the music they made, particularly on classics like Choronzon, which we gave Album Of The Month aeons ago.

In time, they’d look like this:

Which I always felt came sort of close to self parody. So Jason reflects on this in the podcast – and he’s not apologizing for a second of it.


Now as you’ll hear throughout the podcast, when we caught him for the chat he was doing some cooking in his kitchen.

Turns out he makes a mean apple tart – a fitting dish for a devil’s dessert! And this was the result of it. Note not a pentagram on top, but rather some fine leaves. Yet what’s that at the edges? A supurating spumenesence of pus, no doubt…

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  1. Another great podcast, with interesting insights. Checked out Siouxsie and the Banshees as a result! How about a section on the site dedicated to more obscure non metal bands that have had an influence on metal.

  2. Sedgebeast Says:

    Quick bit of pedantry – they’re actually headlining the Ritual Festival warm-up show on Friday the 7th April, not the fest itself on the 8th.

  3. Duly corrected. Lamhairgead I’ve thought of this often. The danger would be I’d do little else! Glad you liked the Siouxsie references. Get ‘Kaleidoscope’ and ‘JuJu’ and you’re set. I found Jason to be one of the best and most enthusiastic interviewees going – really was terrific fun, and the album sounds beast!

  4. That’s given me an idea for a “From the Vaults”…

  5. Black Shepherd Says:

    A.A. Mendonca!

  6. Actually – that eyebrow

  7. Just got round to listening to this, great interview. Jason comes across as a top guy. Really appreciated his thoughts around experiences with mental health issues and the behaviors that can go hand in hand with them, music is hugely therapeutic and his candid approach to the discussion was great to hear

  8. enjoyed this one, keep em coming

  9. guy from chicago Says:

    I think I came across this on Facebook but I just wanted to say that this was a great interview; thanks for sharing. Both of you sound like cool guys and I’m really looking forward to the new album.

    Interesting that Jason said he wasn’t too into the sound of Antichrist. Personally, I like that rougher, grittier sound more than Choronzon. Words That Go Unspoken has the best “professional” studio sound.

  10. Thanks a mil Guy – keep checking in with the MI podcast as there’s bound to be more coming up you’ll be interested in!

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