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Consummation | ‘Ritual Severance’

Australia and New Zealand are bastions of musical aggression.

They just do things harder, darker and with an utter determination. The ferocity of their underground’s approach hasn’t dimmed with the years either.

Even from the first notes of this generously spanned two-track EP from Consummation, the talent is beyond question. The thick, mid-toned guitars; the speed and rumble of the drumming; the incredible speed of the faster sections.

The sheer passion in it.

There is more music in opener ‘The Weightless Grip Of Fire’ than many bands manage in whole albums as it snakes its way through chapter upon chapter of darkness.

The inverted chord shapes bring a torrid, tense atmosphere, pounded out with a snare that sounds like rocks breaking. Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord, Portal and Bolzer are felt throughout.

At three minutes, the pace suddenly changes as this track releases a volcanic burst of energy, speeding with power before settling back into a defiant lumber. The lead tone is fantastic, almost as though the tone dial has been dialled back on the guitar so strange harmonics sit on top of it.

‘Benighted Ovum’ opens with that lead guitar crying over an oppressive, cavernous riff that allows little if any light in. The atmosphere is relentlessly negative, as the howls begin.

This sound is moreish and unorthodox while still rooted in a dark, fast and punishing twisted death metal. There’s a metallic clang about the four minute mark of this one (is it some chorus effect on the guitars?) that has a feeling like licking a battery – something very strange and musically unusual that contributes to the awful mood of it all. Perhaps its here that the come closest to Portal.

The power in the music is absolutely formidable both in the execution of this thick and fast warped death metal, but also – more importantly – in where they’ve allowed their ideas and concepts to take them. They sound like a band who’ve given themselves free rein to just go where the mood leads them.

To some very dark places indeed, by the sounds. An absolutely awesome evocation.

4.3 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 24/04/18

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