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Baleful Creed | ‘Seismic Shifter’

The title they’ve chosen probably oversells what you’re getting here a bit.

It gives the impression of a momentous heave, a blast of energy, and of a significant low end tonal feast.

The actuality is a bit different – it’s what I would call, without being pejorative, backroom pub rock.

Now, I mean this in a musical and compositional sense only, because I know the guys work hard to get out there. But it’s the sort of laid back mix of warm stoner guitar tone, safe enough 4/4 arrangements and general rock 101 feel.

And that’s basically what the majority of the tracks sound like: pretty stock.

It’s not all helped by some rather tired sounding lyrical concepts (‘Faux Celebrity’, ‘Lose Religion’) which aren’t exactly going to be part of any great overthrowing of human nature.

On the plus side, the drums are solid and well played with some nice details in the cymbal work, particularly the hi-hats.

I like the thickly laid Kyuss-isms of ‘Gods Fear’, and the up tempo pump of ‘Lose Religion’, with decent vocal harmonies, is appreciated.

The dragging slow to mid pace of the whole thing however is just a bit trying, and it’s hard to maintain interest in any real way. Nothing here grabs, or explodes.

Even the name of the band – baleful – does much to inform their sound, because it’s largely true. So I must regrettably say that this one’s pretty dull; and I dont even know what the band could do to change it.

It all needs a bit of a shake.

1.4 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 27/08/17

  1. I like it!

  2. I think the review is fair. What I’ve noticed about Baleful Creed and a few of their local peers is that they get too much undeserved praise and support from the N.I. rock and metal journalists and punters. They exist in a bubble and I think it’s healthier for everyone if that bubble is burst every once in a while. I remember seeing them at a gig in Belfast and thought they were very generic and limp but some of the audience were acting like it was Metallica on stage. I saw a review of the gig online afterwards that gave them a completely ridiculous 9/10. A hard working band no doubt but they need more fire in their belly and less smoke up their arse. I can’t help but wonder if Rimm is from their area.

  3. I agree with the review being fair though woulda marked a bit higher for the overall sound/playing. As stated the riffs/songwriting aren’t exciting at all.

  4. Better than that, I played a few of them! Regardless, I am a fan of stoner stuff so it ticks boxes for me obviously. I totally take the point about living in a bubble though- think that a lot of bands suffer from that in fairness.

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