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Avatar | ‘Avatar Country’

Avatar’s last album ‘Feathers And Flesh’ was a pretty ambitious piece of work.

It had a great mix of melodic death metal, power metal, groove, a touch of avant-garde and nu-metal with some seriously insane lead guitar playing.

It was also a concept album about an owl.

I found the whole thing pretty entertaining and whacky, but it suffered from having too many songs, which resulted in an album that should have had some of its fat trimmed off.

‘Avatar Country’ is once again based around another concept, which if I’m honest doesn’t really appeal to me all that much but isn’t really going to hamper the enjoyment of the tunes.

‘Glory To The King’ is a short intro which is a pretty cool little piece that leads straight into the first proper song ‘Legend Of The King’.

There’s a hell of a lot going on in this one and is probably their lengthiest one yet clocking in at just over 8 minutes.

There’s a real power metal feel to the first 2 minutes with riffs hitting you left, right and centre. There are groove riffs, blastbeats and the chorus is just pure Avatar. Theres also an excellent neo-classical style solo.

Face Slap

‘The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country’ is up next and it just sounds boring, flat and uninspired compared the the previous song. Its pretty much based around one riff that sounds like a country and western song. This one actually annoyed the hell out of me as it went on.

The same can’t be said for ‘Kings Harvest’ which slaps you in the face with its main riff. The bass is nice and twangy and high in the mix which adds to the heaviness.

They keep coming back to that riff throughout the song and it never gets repetative. There’s also that carnival feel to the chorus that they are known for as well.

‘The king Speaks’ is an interlude that could easily have been left off the album. Its 3 minutes long as well, and its basically just a spoken word piece. Pointless.

‘A Statue Of The King’ and ‘King After KIng’ were released as singles and are tasty enough with the former having a really cool bridge and chorus while the latter is more subdued sounding and wouldn’t sound that out of place on an Avenged Sevenfold album.

Wasted Interludes

The final 2 tracks flow together as one piece and its an instrumental.

The first part is pretty much just an ambient piece and leads to the second part which is very melodic death metal sounding. Its a great track to finish the album and has those nice melodic death lead parts that sound good and up-lifting. Like its meant too.

And then just like that its over.

I was quite disappointed with the overall length of the album as there’s almost 15 minutes wasted on interludes and that second song proper that just seems to go on and on with its terrible riff.

It seemed like there weren’t enough vocals throughout it as well, but that’s mainly due to the instrumentals. If they had taken the time to put 2 more good songs on it I’d definitely be giving it a higher mark.

The last album was too overblown. Yet this one just doesn’t quite seem as epic as it could have been.

Here’s hoping they get the mix between the two better on the next one because if they do it would be something quite special.

Still there are some excellent songs on here. Plus the riffs are always quite inventive. So it’s still enjoyable despite these few flaws.

3 / 5 – Ollie Gill ::: 17/01/18

  1. Dreadful Dreadful Band!!!

  2. John Kimble Says:

    Shit like this makes me grateful that I am completely oblivious to the mainstream metal press as I can safely say I never heard of these clowns until now. That video is just horrific, cannot remotely fathom how this could appeal to anyone with the slightest semblance of taste.

  3. massiveTractor Says:

    That is fucking awful. The concept must have been to mash together all the worst sub genres of metal and ask God to somehow make it all work.

  4. King Hostile Says:

    I thought Brandon Lee was dead…. Shite! ….. flushes toilet to must stinking, smelling, disgusting, butthole surfing cesspit of destined doom imaginable…..


  5. utter fucking bollocks

  6. I’ve never heard a note from this band but reading that review has put me off checking them out. My namesake above appears to feel the same way but has the further advantages of being familiar with the band and having a PHD.

  7. Chip Douglas Says:

    PhD bro but you are both right. Good work Cunningham’s.

  8. What the fuck did I just listen to. Woeful.

  9. Tezcatlipoca Says:

    I’d an angry and vengeful spirit if this was the last piece of music I’d heard before I fucking died.

  10. Tezcatlipoca Says:

    Yeah, I left out ‘be’.

  11. Unclear Shtink Says:

    I love this band. Really dig the gimmickry and sense of not taking themselves seriously. Their live shows are mighty craic too. Now that H is bringing Tragedy! over, these guys are my no.1 band that I’d love to see here!

  12. Chip Douglas Says:

    Yeah that H fella is a joke. This is the exact sort of bollocks he’d book now. Evil scarecrow, avatar, bee gees. What’s next……?

  13. Chip Douglas, I have to ask, are you being sarcastic or serious. If you’re serious you do realise it’s H’s job. So as a job you book what would sell tickets or those that concept even compute with you.

  14. Chip Douglas Says:

    Ollkiller are you the “Leave Brittany alone” guy?

  15. they played here before a few times so theres a good chance they could come back.

  16. Straight from the horses arse Says:

    Surely it’s a 14 year old girl reviewing this crap positively, and not a grown man?

  17. @ chip douglas, ya I’m that guy alright, care to answer the question.

  18. Chip Douglas Says:

    Sure, I’m half joking. I know it’s a business. But on the other hand he is a bit of a sellout. Alient Ant Farm etc is forgivable but a Bee Gees Tribute? He’ll be booking the Seattle Grunge Experience or a tribute to Pierce Turner next. So in summary, half joking, half being a snide bastard.

  19. I get ya now. Once he got into it full time (I don’t even know H btw) it’s all about what sells be it bee gees tribute or anything else. And if a tribute act makes money he should do that too. The ones that sell well can enable him to put on on a few underground gigs that might not shift as many tickets. Sellout bastard.

  20. Black Shepherd Says:

    That tune is just Ghost with metalcore bits (or maybe the other way around), two things that are admittedly anathema to my own tastes, but apparently liking Ghost is acceptable within the underground, so the comments seem a little exaggerated. To be clear though, it is awful.

  21. brianwilliams82 Says:

    I’m going to try and say something positive about that track; it’s not as bad as listening to Amaranthe.

    Although they do share many of the same traits, like how much random, unrelated, jarring shite can we push into this one track while still calling it a song?

    It’s like music written for those with ADD.

  22. John Kimble Says:

    @ Black Shepherd…yeah, don’t get the love for Ghost either, similar to this I find it to be camp, shrill, irritating bollocks.

  23. @John Kimble You find Ghost to be shrill ? The vocalist has one of the most smoothest tones I’ve heard. Almost like Buck Dharma from BoC. Their Campness is part of the act. Imo there’s nothing more cringey than a metal band taking themselves too seriously.

  24. I had the misfortune of being to find the only bit of shade in the world not far from a stage this lot were on. As bad live – kids seem to love them. I don’t know what was expected here from us bunch of fuckers but utter abuse.

  25. greaterfool Says:

    Joke music, review something relevant ye cunts.

  26. Straight from the horses arse Says:

    fucking cuntish thing to review alright, plenty of good stuff out there and this tripe is what yer pushing.

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