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Steel Panther + Wayward Sons | Live Review

Steel Panther are a tribute to everything that was both incredible about 80’s glam metal.

A parody of everything that made it ridiculous – and that’s what they are proud of.

Their over-sexed lyrics and full on glam look might rub the average extreme metal fan the wrong way, but given the show sold out The Academy in mere minutes after going on sale, I think there are plenty of people in Ireland ready to have some fun to killer music and laugh their asses off.

Wayward Sons

Wayward Sons opened the show to a respectable crowd.

Unfortunately after being delayed on my way to the venue, I was only able to catch the last 3 songs of their set, but what I did catch was great.

Musically they are a classic rock band that suit well for a Steel Panther show without trying to pander to Steel Panther’s comedic stick.

For a band that looks like their pension is a serious concern to them, they showed a surprising amount of energy and stamina.

They played like a great band, with nobody standing out as a weak link, or flashing off their skill to show off.

The rhythm section layed down a nice solid groove, while the guitarists were able to play some chunky riffs and tasty licks.

Steel Panther

After a long change over, the house lights went down the intro track played, and guitarist Satchel took to the stage and did not start the song, but rather told the crowd they simply aren’t loud enough, and restarted their intro track and came back onstage to a much louder audience.

It’s hardly anything new to tell an audience they aren’t loud enough to try and encourage them, but to do it before they have even played a single note, and go through the trouble of restarting a minute long intro track, takes balls and is something only a complete egomaniac, or a parody of an egomaniac can do.

Steel Panther launched into ‘Supersonic Sex Machine’ and ‘Tomorrow Night’ to start off their show.

What might surprise the average music fan is how awesome the music is.

Yes, the songs lyrics are about robots from the year 6969 built to fuck, or jacking off the night before an awesome party, can be seen as just a parody of the excesses of the likes of Motley Crue or Ratt.

But musically they have some kick ass riffs, guitar solos that a mainstream band could only get away with in the 80’s, a vocalist who can scream out the lyrics at the top of his lungs and note register, and a rhythm section that can take the jokes about being useless and dumb, but when they are onstage, can bring the musicianship needed to play across the world.

Steel Panther are a band that thinks of more than just their music. They have a full package ready to give their audience maximum pleasure (ahem).

Their stage presence mid song is straight out of 80’s, locking in with your audience, eating up their screams, and making the most use possible out of their wireless kits.

They even put comedy into their presence with Stix Zadinia throwing drum sticks at his tech, and Lexxi Foxx and Satchel accidentally air humping each other to the disgust of singer Michael Starr.

Their stage banter between songs is definately something everyone in the audience has been looking forward too.

While it might seem obscene for a band to talk for upwards of 5 plus minutes between songs, Steel Panther pull it off with their self depreciating, and obscene humour.

The audience was in stiches laughing as they could brag about having STDs or not lasting very long with groupies, but yet could still pull up at least 2 dozen hot girls onstage midway through the show, with none of them the least bit put off.

Hell, even when they said they were having technical difficulties I couldn’t tell if they were serious or just making another joke about their techs.

So they’re not just some lads taking the piss and singing songs about getting pussy every night.

Steel Panther are a tight and professional band who have made not just a tribute to what was great about glam metal and the 1980’s, but also able to laugh about how absurd and over sexualised that culture was, while still making kick ass tunes that could stand out in their own right.

Cormac Jordan ::: 20/01/18
With thanks to Ross Murphy and Jake O Reilly for pics

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