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Bloodshot Dawn | ‘Reanimation’

Bloodshot Dawn have been one of the strongest bands coming out from the English metal scene in recent years.

Gaining attention after appearances at Bloodstock Open Air, they have toured the UK with the likes of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Decapitated, put out 2 albums and an EP, and made it their business to spread their music as far as possible by playing shows across Europe, Japan, India, and soon Canada.

After a fair few line up changes, and a brief hiatus, they’ve returned with their latest offering of technical death metal, ‘Reanimation’.

It gets straight down to business.

No acoustic guitars or orchestral epilogue, just a 2 second drum intro before starting ‘Scorched Earth’ with a sweep guitar solo, followed by a harmonically rich verse layered with melodic guitar hooks, and low vocals that remind the listener of Matt Heafy’s low growls from recent Trivium records.

It Doesn’t Even Wait

There are many moments on this record which just grab your attention.

My personal favourite being the opener to ‘Upon the Throne of Fear’, which blends the guitar riffing of old school death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse with the high intensity rhythm from more modern death metal bands like Decapitated.

It’s a good sign when bands take the best elements from their influences to make something truly their own, and just plain kick ass.

‘Reanimation’ has a huge production value with every instrument having crystal clarity and punch, nailing the epic sound the band are looking for when needed.

The lead guitar and synth add a brilliant feel to the epic choruses on this record, giving the music a symphonic quality to it, with the sonic spare on this record is pout to use for maximum effect.

It’s not just the pristine sound – the technique is virtuoso stuff.

Not just the guitar solos. The tight execution of all their playing is phenomenal. Every palm mute on the guitars and bass has a punch to it, and the snare doesn’t lose any power during the blast beats.

Frantic Fretboard

But this tight execution takes away from the songs at times.

While the tremolo picking and intense blast beats are amazing when used, there is a lack of groove on this record.

It doesn’t give the listener much chance to really appreciate a good riff, or breathe it in.

The best example I can give is the intro of ‘Controlled Conscious’.

The opening starts with guitars riffing a frantic run over the fretboard, with stabs from the rhythm section until it joins in on top of the guitars.

The stabbing could’ve led to a new section all together or something faster, but it was a bit of a anticlimax.

That being said, if you are looking for a record for your latest fix of technical death metal, and want something with a more punishing sound which isn’t afraid to showcase an old school influence, ‘Reanimation’ is definitely something you should look out for.

3.7 / 5 – Cormac Jordan ::: 24/01/18

  1. Been impressed with these lads whenever I’ve seen them. Is Ben still with them? Last I heard, he got the 2nd guitar slot with Scar Symmetry.

  2. Spoderman01 – Ben left back in 2015, not sure if he left to join Scar Symmetry or happened after he left, but Bloodshot Dawn have had Morgan Reid since then. It’s a completely new line up since their last album (Except for their front man Josh of course)

  3. impressive band live, seen them as a support act. picked up the demons album then. this sounds in a similar vein …

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