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Antichrist | ‘Pax Morendi’

When it comes to the South American underground, it’s usually about hell for leather speed and devil may care, old school pyromania.

Antichrist, from Peru, do it differently. Their extremity is at the other end of the speed scale, in the form of lugubrious and claustrophobic funeral doom / death.

Ornaments are few.

Yes there’s the odd keyboard texture, but this is much more of a piece with the earliest crawlings of Thergothon and Winter – straight out mournful, chunky riffing with the most bowel rumbling growled vocals, buried deep amidst.

There are hints of early My Dying Bride (‘Symphonaire’ and ‘As The Flower Withers’ in particular) in ‘Obscuratism’ as the slow plod gives surprisingly to an angry and unexpected blastbeat from out of nowhere.

The influence of Skepticism can also be felt at times, such as when the sparse keyboards assist with the opening of ‘In The Dark And Mournful Corner Of Memory’.

The five long tracks here are a challenge to sit through in their entirety – a hazard of the genre and nothing more – but they’re rewarding.

Each track is satisfyingly uncomplicated. This is primal, raw Doom Death in its purest and most unsullied form, with little more than the darkest most depressive riffs over drums and bellows for most of the album.

It takes some considerable conviction to create that feel in this day and age, and the whole thing gives off the air of having been composed in a dank outhouse lit only by candles, with goblets on the amps and pentagram graffiti daubed on the walls.

When was the last album you really heard like that?

Old school, necro, and unforgiving. Iron Bonehead keeps up the quality as ever.

2.7 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 10/02/18

  1. I like the sound of that. Nothing remotely original but they fairly nail the style. You could argue for a bit more creativity in the riff department but the atmosphere more or less makes up for those shortcomings.

  2. Hence the mark for exacty those reasons – which shouldn’t deceive as to quality.

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