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Legion Of Wolves | ‘Bringers Of The Dark Sleep’

I remember thinking that last time round, Legion Of Wolves were somewhat leaden sounding.

That’s improved on this latest release.

There’s a lightness of touch about the drumwork in particular that brings this ten song album more alive than would otherwise have been the case.

Little skips, little rolls on the drums that just give it a quicker, pacier bite.

The production too is a big leap forward, with guitars that are properly muscular.

It’s old school death metal all the way: though tracks like ‘You Shall Know’ are perhaps a bit too old school, in the predictability sense.

The blast beat that opens ‘Plague Of The Immortal’ couldn’t come a moment too soon at three tracks in, and in a way I’m surprised it didn’t come much earlier on the album. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

Their influences are pretty clear: Asphyx’s dark and brooding melody rears its head in ‘Forged In Fire And Combat’, while the tank treads of the mighty Bolt Thrower seem almost forever apparent – most especially in ‘Summon The Elite’ and ‘Brothers Of Fury And Iron’.

‘Summon The Elite’ is probably the highlight on here as it happens. A furious, pummelling workout.

Could it be more varied? Certainly. I also think they should have pushed themselves for a greater percentage of speed as opposed to mid pace on here. They certainly have the chops for it when then do, and it’s invigorating: but that constant hanging around third gear can get a bit much.

It’s a huge, huge improvement from their last though. An intense, old school death metal mash that will please genre diehards.

3.2 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 10/03/18

  1. More varied? Really? You’re joking! Haha! Anyway, thanks for the review!

  2. Chip Douglas Says:

    Band member disagrees with critic. Gasp!

  3. Jason Connolly Says:

    Who asked you? This is the first one I’ve disagreed with for your information!

  4. Chip Douglas Says:

    Band member continues hissy fit.

  5. Great guitar sound and busy drums. Reminds me more of memoriam than bolt thrower.

  6. Krzysztof Kostepski Says:

    Just to end all this nonsense just go end listen to the album and make up your own mind 🙂 All opinions are welcomed the good,the bad and the terrible as well. Give it a spin on all outlets available and please share your thoughts.

  7. Choronzon Says:

    That’s a tasty drum fill at 1:25 on the first track. Good work, lads.

  8. Chip Douglas Says:

    For the record I think Legion are a quality band. The last CD was excellent. Just surprised that someone like Jason who’s been in the game long enough getting bent out of shape over an aul review.

  9. Sounds class to me! Will have to check this out.

  10. Jason connolly Says:

    Chip, I ain’t getting bent out of shape, just didn’t think your comment served any purpose ! Maybe you were just having a giggle and that’s good but I honestly just don’t want people to be put off our album by a review that I feel doesn’t really say what it means or seems just a bit lazy in my opinion! How can something be “too old school” if all it’s meant to be is old school! The new Judas Priest is awesome and easily predictable because it’s judas Priest! It’s a little frustrating when people don’t get you and maybe that’s something I have to accept.
    I do thank you for your other comments, it’s much appreciated! Hope people enjoy the album as we worked hard and are proud. I never meant to comment in such depth on the review but my passion gets the better of me quite often.

  11. The ‘too old school’ comment is qualified in the same sentence: that track is predictable.

  12. Jason Connolly Says:

    I got/understood that! Thanks for reiterating!

  13. King Hostile Says:

    shut up chip!

    The review struggles to make its mind up. This makes rating weird. Anyway the ratings on this site seem to be a more personal feeling of a given reviewer at the toime of completing their piece. Maybe you should remove them.

    The album is cool, it rocks 🙂

    Old school? yeah predictable…like Morbid Angel say covenant? yeah very predictable! so old school is predictable? maybe your not into music or just listen to a lot of generic “underground” bands. Which is weird because I listen to a lot of underground bands and can’t find too many that are “predictable”.

  14. Chip Douglas Says:

    Why shut up? I’ve made it clear I enjoy the band. I don’t think anyone would be put off by that review.

  15. King Hostile Says:

    Chip me ould flower, who are we to pass judgement 🙂

    But 3.2? over 4? no

  16. King Hostile, you drunk?

  17. All reviews and ratings are the personal feeling of a reviewer at the time of completing their piece, no? How else can somebody write a review? Therefore, a band shouldn’t get touchy when presented with one which doesn’t meet their expectations just like they shouldn’t get too excited when they get one which does.

  18. Hefty production on that. I think it sounds decent for what it is but it’s the type of run of the mill DM that is unlikely to set the world on fire as it’s the sort of stuff you would expect to find knocking about in every city, with little to really make it stand out. The band are tight and able to play but I think a bit of extra sleaze or something in the riffs and more filth in the vocals would add a lot to it. Tis grand.

  19. John Kimble Says:

    wasn’t there a thread here recently about deluded local bands? Holy fuck, by most standards that was a fairly glowing review with a few considered criticisms. Cop on to fuck lads.

  20. King Hostile Says:

    blessed1…. current state = hungover!

  21. haha taught as much man lol

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