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The Crown | ‘Cobra Speed Venom’

I’m going to need your help here.

I’d be lying if I said I’d listend to a single second of The Crown’s, er, seven full length albums since the epochal ‘Deathrace King’.

And so I need to know the answer to the question: have all their albums been as good as this?

Because basically I was left picking my trousers up at the sheer aggression of the opening track, from a band so very long into their career.

Not that they were also rans, or anything. They were good, when I last checked. But I never thought they’d still be this cool.

This album, powered by some absolutely Formula One standard drumming, just blasts along from start to finish, as tracks like ‘Iron Crown’ make abundantly clear.

(As an aside, I see drummer Henrik Axelsson as done time in Soils Of Fate – so that explains the speed standard.)

But by gum, what an argy-bargy this all is.

The vocals are a commendably throat cutting affair from Johan Lindstrand, again sounding well into twenty years down the line.

I’m reminded of God Dethroned a fair bit throughout, but it’s probably more a feel thing than anything. ‘In The Name Of Death’ certainly has a ‘Paschendale’ vibe about it, in that almost uplifting way.

And there’s class amid the fury. The title track is lifted by some choral samples that give it a spooky portent before all the blasting, while ‘Where My Grave Shall Stand’ has them go all Paradise Lost around ‘Icon’ all of a sudden, with a mournful slowdown.

Didn’t expect that.

This is an album that absolutely hacks, slashes and burns anything in its way, going through your attention span for a shortcut.

It involves you, whips you up into its infectious aggression, carries you with it like all those souls in the wave on its fantastic cover artwork.

I’m so glad I picked it up, which I wouldnt have had they not been playing Ireland a week or so back.

One word for albums like this: smokin’.

4.1 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 20/04/18

  1. Gasp!

  2. OpenSores Says:

    Haven’t given these guys the time of day since DRK. Must give this a go. Lucky enough to have caught em’ in Belfast with the Haunted, what a live band!

  3. I’ve been banging on about this album for a few months now. It’s a beauty. A real return to form after several below par albums. Such a pity the turnout in Dublin was so pathetic. Mojo rediscovered on this one.

  4. mower liberation front Says:

    This surprised the hell out of me, after the last couple of albums I wasn’t expecting much, but this is an absolute ripper of an album. Best thing they’ve done in years.

  5. Paul keohane Says:

    I really need to give this a decent listen.

  6. earl grey Says:

    I bet it’s a case where they should have released it, waited a year, THEN toured.

    Different story, I’d imagine.

  7. Gave this a good listen yesterday. What a scorcher, fantastic return to form. Review is spot on!

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