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Ester Segarra

● Are live photos 'fake' now?
● How to get the perfect band pic
● Snapping Burzum, Mesuggah, Watain

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#45 - Primordial's Alan Averill

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The Metal Insight Podcast #45

Taking it on the chin: hear Alan Averill explain the new Primordial album

Primordial: Exiles amongst the shoe-ins

For a band used to rave reviews, this one’s been contentious

‘Exile Amongst The Ruins’ has opened up a new chapter for Primordial.

They did what they had to do: they changed their sound. Evolved.

It’s had the Metalireland forum divided. But veteran vocalist Alan Averill is – as you’d expect – unapologetic.

As ever, the MI podcast is a great chat and a deep dive. Do leave us a review on iTunes and Youtube!


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  1. Great stuff. You have a nice honest interview style. I would have liked to hear more on the possibility of the 80s influences resurfacing in some form in the future. Bathory, Varathron etc or is the blackness buried…

  2. very good sensible interview from Alan here. great questions too, really enjoying these podcasts.

  3. King Hostile Says:

    that was quite interesting…..i’ll have to buy the sack version of the new album!

  4. Great interview

  5. Excellent, natural sounding interview. Great job both!

  6. Enjoyed that.

  7. Yes always a good chinwag with the man.

    Help me out guys – do spread the word for the podcast generally, note it on your FBs etc – it all helps.

  8. Great podcast, but the most fascinating part is the section involving Spotify and the future of the industry. The fact that Alan made more money from direct sales on Dread Sovereign’s Bandcamp page than Primordial’s Spotify streams is scary. That whole area could be a podcast in itself.

  9. Blizzard Beast Says:

    Good interview and the podcasts are definitely a great idea and enjoyable.

  10. Kieron Unsilence Says:

    “Help me out guys – do spread the word for the podcast generally, note it on your FBs etc – it all helps.”

    Well, you share ours and I’ll share yours.

  11. DeadButDreaming Says:

    Excellent interview, from both parties. The New Primordial material is excellent, and fits really well into their live set.

  12. hellfire Says:

    Very interesting interview. The part about the music industry of today was educational to say the least.

  13. It’s completely mad to hear someone tell Alan a musician to start playing games and stream.

  14. Yeah, a little vomit creeped up the throat hearing that.

  15. And it will probably be the norm in 20 years time.

  16. Black Shepherd Says:

    Great little interview, only got around to finishing it today.

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