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Rotten Sound | ‘Suffer to Abuse’

Another EP from Rotten Sound.

Unlike their last EP, this is an opportunity for Rotten Sound to explore slower paced terrain.

For other death/grind acts, this can be hit and miss for a variety of reasons.

But Rotten Sound have always had the ability to write catchy riffs, like Napalm Death and Nasum. So it’s no surprise to report that ‘Suffer to Abuse’ is a fine EP.

‘Privileged’ goes through three stages: doomy, mid-tempo death metal and flat out grind. At 84 seconds, it goes through more changes than some three minute songs, but it doesn’t tire the listener. Rather, the execution is performed so smoothly, that the anticipation builds by the end of the track.

The main riff to ‘The Misfit’ sounds, in places, like a little nod to ‘No Love Lost’ by Carcass. No bad thing if you ask me, and neither is this song. More death metal leaning, it has a groove and a catchy enough riff to keep the momentum going.

‘Stressed Mess’ is how the second Memoriam album should have sounded. Stately, apocalyptic sounding and a killer guitar line throughout.

‘Harvester of Boredom’ (oh, my sides): best song on here. Unparalleled energy and delivery. Like being kicked in the bollocks, while closer ‘Slaves of Lust’ goes full on grind for the listener. 50 seconds of face ripping speed. Nothing like it.

While the songs with the various changes in pace and speed work well, it’s the grind that really hits the mark. There are only really a handful of bands out there who can knock out songs with such brutal intensity, so it’s no big surprise that the listener is really waiting for the blastbeats.

Another win for the Finns.

3.5 / 5 –Christopher Owens ::: 29/05/18

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