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Album Of The Month June 2018
Yob | ‘Our Raw Heart’

The thoughts on our forums said it all.

“A release I will buy without hearing a single note from beforehand.”

“Pre-ordered the record/hoodie bundle without hearing a note from this.”

Of course, it used to be that you couldn’t hear a note of stuff beforehand, and so you had to learn what bands you could trust.

Who would deliver. Who you could place your faith in.

So it’s incredibly heartening to hear people now talk in such terms about Yob, who join a not exactly burgeoning club of extremely special bands on whose continuing creativity and calibre we can depend.

And boy how they return that trust.

Just listen to the opening song on this new album: as if the class of ‘Clearing The Path To Ascend’ wasn’t incredible enough, ‘Ablaze’ tops it in a single outing.

That stoic, sad main riff is solid pewter, knocked into shape by everything the band have been through and returned from.

On a more prosaic level it marks a slight pivot back to more traditional doom metal styles – those of Novembers Doom, Morgion and Skepticism (without the church organs).

And its just the beginning.

‘The Screen’ and ‘In Reverie’ are bestial hulks of lumbering Doom, with the latter seeing Mike Scheidt crack out his Wino-driven-to-the-max crooning when he pushes those vocals into the upper ranges.

Listening to the mulch of ‘The Screen’, you can only wonder at how they’ve achieved in tone and approach what Trey Azagthoth can now only dream of on parts of ‘Kingdoms Disdained’ – and how dismally this approach shows that effort up.

The crunch is warm while cardboardy, approachable while terse, and just all round enveloping in its slothful stomp.

Its one of several tracks that also allow a chink of Type O into the sound as well – the other being the majestic ‘Beauty In Falling Leaves’, which shines right from the first lazy clack across the strings and the deep, full glug of that low guitar.

These sixcteen minutes are bliss – a mountainous doom metal elegy, brimming with a powerfully channeled emotion.

‘Original Face’ may be the most directly Neurosis inspired cut, and certainly it’s the most pounding for it. A guitar solo of sorts even makes its way in.

The wooz of ‘Our Raw Heart’ seems as if to continue ‘Beauty…’ from earlier – a real drifter to close out, recalling a bit of Type O’s ‘Haunted’ too.

I dont really feel the need to say much more, the whole thing is just so obviously and powerfully connective from start to finish. It doesnt need explained, it’s just fucking brilliant.

You dont need column inches of analysis about Mike’s issues to get into this. It’s incredible, totemic music straight from the bastion of the Real that is Neurot’s stable.

So dont worry about buying it without hearing a note – you can, rest assured – but neither bother with more reviews and talk.

Just get it and lap it up.

It’s sensationally good, and they way they’ve developed from ‘The Great Cessation’ and ‘Atma’ to this point is a plain marvel.

5/5 – Earl Grey ::: 13/06/18

Want more? Dont forget our Podcast #29 with Mike from Yob – from 2016

  1. £34 for the new vinyl ltd – its getting silly

  2. opensores Says:

    Wonderful review of a stunning album!

  3. Love the album & love the review. How Mke could write and perform this music after what he’s been through is unreal.
    I really hope I catch them live somewhere this year….I might just shed a tear ❤

  4. Miotal Trom Says:

    Have only been familiar with the name until now, even though they’ve long been on my radar as a band I needed to check out. Liking what I’m hearing here. What’s the deal with “what he’s been through”? Baring in mind I know little of the band. And yes, I know Google exists, but what’s MI here for, eh?!

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