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Limelight Oct 3rd

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Ghost | ‘Prequelle’

I had so wanted to hate this.

But Ghost just make it so difficult.

They’re saccharine, derivative, stupid looking – enough to make you want to throw their cd from the car window at the shameless catering to the lowest common retro denominator of it all.

And yet otherwise sane metallers turn to goo over their pap.

In many ways this album is the answer to the conundrum. Ghost prove with it that they are, in fact, irresistable.

It’s unarguable. As soon as ‘Rats’ opens, it’s clear that they’ve established an actual bit of heaviness for once, both through eyebrow raisingly assertive beat and the power of the guitar tone.

‘Faith’ could have been the theme tune to an 80s kids cartoon (why does Trap Door come to mind?), meaning you love it without even realising why.

‘See The Light’ is total bollocks with its preposterous rolled r’s, but ‘Miasma’ is a joyous pastiche (‘fusion’ gives it too much) of everything from their usual wellspring of influences – Jeff Lynne, John Michel Jarre, Queen, Alice Cooper.

‘Dance Macabre’ is less the albums musical centrepiece than the band’s all to overt audition for the next big song on Glee.

I’m not even going to go any farther save to say that ‘Pro Memoria’ is just impossibly camp, even for them.

We all know what they’re about, and so many people now think its genius that it’s futile standing King Canute like in front of the waves of their fame.

It’s pish, truly. But some of it is alright.

The metal equivalent of a white wine spritzer, in every possible way. Yes, I’ll have another, Tobias good man.

3.2 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 02/07/18

  1. Ah each to their own. Its a spectacular bit of commercial rock with gorgeous production and hooks. I think Forge deserves a lot of credit and his inflating bank account – he got it right, and good luck to him. He’s well able to write a song (even if outside hands also contribute) and to be able to match Meliora was a very tall order. He may have done just that on this one to my mind. Stand-outs are See the Light, Miasma, Danse Macabre for me.. that whole middle section of the album is outstanding, with Helvet… (whatever its called) being the only forgettable track on there. More please.

  2. Fintan Stack Says:

    It’s a great record. Their success is well deserved, and let’s be honest, we need a metal band to have this kind of popularity, a lot of the older bands will be heading into retirement and there’s been a need for a while for a band to make this kind of breakthrough.

  3. spoderman01 Says:

    No doubting he can write a decent earworm. Some filler on the album but when he gets it right (songs like Witch Image, Dance Macabre, Rats), he absolutely nails it.

    Minor personal complaint, I miss the spooky/anti-church/occultish sentiment of the previous albums.

  4. chainsawmassacre Says:

    You do know that King Canute did not try to stop the tide right?

    The album is fine, it won’t change the world but it’s enjoyable enough to listen to.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Enjoyed it but nowhere near as good as Meliora. Feels about 2 tracks short because of the instrumental tracks which are fine but leaves it lacking a little.

  6. Paul keohane Says:

    I really like it,but i think Meliora was better,a really enjoyable band overall,the amount of fellas getting butt hurt in the scene because these guys are gaining commercial success is laughable.

  7. John Kimble Says:

    I don’t think it’s a case of people begrudging them their success, I can can certainly see their commercial appeal…rather some just genuinely don’t like the music. Can’t stand them personally, shrill, camp, bombastic nonsense, hate them for exactly the same reason I detest Queen, Meatloaf etc.

  8. blessed1 Says:

    why is someone commenting with my username?
    i think its pure rubbish lol

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Rubbish is an understatement, its so contrived and false, music for people with no imagination! Don’t know what they’ve done to deserve the hype but fuck me it’s cringe

  10. Cryptic Stench Says:

    Fascinating review, in that the technique used to critique is the exact opposite of the one used to review a Primordial record.

    Find the angle to praise Vs find the angle to dismiss.

  11. John Kimble Says:

    “Find the angle to praise Vs find the angle to dismiss”

    I think you’ll find that’s how a lot of reviews work. Have you gone full retard again?

  12. Cryptic Stench Says:

    “It’s pish, truly. But some of it is alright.”

    Gutter journalism, complete and utter cop out.

  13. I’m not sure I understand the review. Seems to be mostly negative, along with poor score and calling it pish, as is your normal opinion of ghost. Then the Facebook comments say more, more, more? Why not have someone else review Ghost from now on? Your dislike for them is obvious.

  14. Cryptic Stench Says:

    “Find the angle to praise Vs find the angle to dismiss”

    I’m saying the critic goes into these things with preconceptions. The above reads like he won’t allow himself to enjoy the album.

  15. Cryptic Stench Says:

    “Why not have someone else review Ghost from now on? Your dislike for them is obvious.”

    Good idea, please farm out the next Primordial record on this basis.

  16. El rimundo Says:

    It’s a great album if that’s your thing ( and it is mine), if they didn’t look the way they did then they would however be basic European Eurovision pop rock- I am totally sold on them now however, probably backstory and image making up 50% of my enjoyment, but a good songs a good song and he’s written several. If you just see music as one pigeon hole and have literally no time for other genres then yes, I understand that you would despise this.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    The image is 50% of your enjoyment!!!!! And there ends any argument on the bands credibility

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I was compelled to not like them at first for the imagery and the light-ish tunes but at this stage if you just say there ‘pish’ your living in denial

  19. John Kimble Says:

    Holy fucking shit, there are some absolute cretins posting here. It’s an album review, not a fucking criminal trial. The reviewer is perfectly entitled to have preconceptions. I’d imagine most do. It’s a perfectly reasonable appraisal of the music, the reviewer admits he’s not a huge fan then lists numerous admirable qualities. What a shower of fucking snowflakes.

  20. El rimundo Says:

    Yes the image is 50% of my enjoyment as I have eyes and like the image in roughly half the way I like the band Ghost as a package going on a 100% ratio type deal. Tsssk.

  21. Cryptic Stench Says:

    John I think you are something of a flake yourself.

    “It’s pish, truly. But some of it is alright.” This personifies the review, shit shoddy journalism.

    Are you the “Leave Brittany alone” guy?

  22. El rimundo Says:

    As for the anonymous over exclaiming Brian Sewell type above, it’s shock rock not a Monet watercolor we are talking about here.

  23. Black Shepherd Says:

    [Quote]“It’s pish, truly. But some of it is alright.” This personifies the review, shit shoddy journalism.[End quote/]

    Eh, use your brain to bring those two sentences into frame with the metaphor the review uses for the whole thing: a white wine spritzer.

    Now, how might someone who enjoys a *good* drink describe a glass of white wine spritzer? It’s pish, truly. But some [aspects of it] are alright. Geddit?

    Personally I’d sooner compare it to an ice cold glass of literal piss, that may seem refreshing on first contact (if you don’t know what it is already) but then quickly turns piss-flavoured on your lips.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    All the teenage girls going mad because of a reviewer not liking the latest hype!

  25. John Kimble Says:

    Sorry Cryptic, if you can’t get the fairly straightforward point that the reviewer is making (not being a fan of something, but begrudgingly admitting that certain aspects are alright), then you’re an even bigger chump than I originally thought.

  26. Cryptic Stench Says:

    Thank you for explaining that to me lads. I’d forget to breathe if it wasn’t for Metal Ireland.

  27. Ollkiller Says:

    It’s a review. Get over it. Regarding Ghost each to their own but in my opinion they’re fucking woeful. As is that song linked to the review.

  28. They’re grand. Some very catchy songs but ultimately not overly important in the grand scheme of things. Hardly worth the vitriol from the pro and anti campaigners. It’s like the abortion referendum in here!

  29. King Hostile Says:

    The review is a bit pretentious in fairness. A bit Dave Fanning if you will!

    I gave the above a listen. With an open mind. Yeah great production. Great hook. But yeah naff.

    That new Primordial album is pretty good. I would buy it before the above Ghost offering (and have x 2). I might also buy the above Ghost album out of curiosity. Just not anytime soon.

    Back to the underground for me my friends.

    I do enoy the Eastenders stuff above 🙂

  30. Handbags at dawn lads

  31. Total Torment Promotions Says:

    John and Chris are the sycophantic protectors of the Earl. Sad bastards.

  32. AntonArcane Says:

    As with all underground bands that break through to the mainstream, there seems to be knee jerk reaction from the TRVE crowd to to publicly distance themselves for fear of being asked to hand in their metal cards.

  33. Paul keohane Says:

    ^ lol

  34. Not the first time Earl has called them pish….

  35. I laughed at the trying not to like it comment but hey its no big deal.

    Great album for me. Its fun, catchy and not meant to be taken seriously. They’re a fun band and fair play to Forge if he’s making a few quid in the process.

  36. Black Shepherd Says:

    “John and Chris are the sycophantic protectors of the Earl.”

    Hahahaha! Now I really have been accused of everything and its contrary on this forum 🙂

  37. I hate to be the one to point this out (Yeah right, I love it) but that’s another Bielak turd on the cover. E even worse than the abomination on the new Deicide.

  38. Part of what I find so surprising about Ghost is how the ents sections of mainstream news networks now follow their shit.

    This guy on RockFeeds seems have a very close relationship with them.

    Handy when there’s a bit of a propaganda battle over the court case with the former members.

    Like, they even let Tobias stay shaded in TV interviews etc, and the tone is nothing short of fawning.

  39. Its a bloody great album, Full of great hooks. Really enjoying it so far.

  40. King Hostile Says:

    AC “another Bielak turd on the cover”

    Ha ha ha ha brilliant!

  41. That song is about as stock as they come. Desperate attempts by the media to create the next best thing. Sounds like the theme song to an 80’s B list action movie.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Is that what passes as a review these days? that was more of a winge!

    stuipid looking? i mean, aye thats their getup, but they’re no different than HELL or WAITIN surely?

  43. Cryptic Stench posting as Total Torment Productions there. Nice.

    Shall I post the log of who else your posting as?

  44. #morto

  45. Turtle Torment Says:


  46. Haha burrrnnnnn..reveal all Earl!

  47. Bleedin scarleh

  48. leatherface Says:

    Reviews are subjective, as are private opinions. I like the album personally but that’s just me. I wouldn’t try to convince anyone
    otherwise. Like what you like, who cares, life is too short.

  49. El rimundo Says:


  50. Cryptic Wench Says:

    I actually love Ghost cause they are berilliant 🙂

  51. i know he was posting under my name.
    sad cunt.

  52. Cryptic Whinge Says:

    Check out my upcoming solo album, lads. It’s called ‘Floggingly flogging the deadest of dead horses’ and will sound just like Ghost. A tribute, you might say. Out on Metal Blade. Guest appearance by Alan Averill to guarantee a 5-star review.

  53. The only thing that could make this album any more fun and enjoyable to listen to would be finding out that it’s Tim Capello playing the sax solo on Miasma \m/

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