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Senzar | Untitled

Coldwar had, in a way, become part of the furtniture.

Absolutely reliable. Comfortable, and dependable.

‘Pantheist’ had reached a high for them, and all.

But Senzar, Coldwar’s evolution, are now working on a whole other plane of brilliance. In the smiting of their last band identity, they’ve achieved something totally cathartic, something captured on this fantastic EP.

It’s one of those where every element conspires to make it the absolute best it can be.

The playing. The delivery. The intention behind it all. And, dare I say, one of Trackmix’s best ever productions (and that, as we know is really saying something).

It is so, so, very heavy that it almost takes you aback. This is where it’s hard to pick a clear winner as to whose doing this is – is it the guitar, which is absolutely molten hot, the drums, whose double kick is as powerful as it gets, or the production overall for weaving it together?

It is absolutely massive sounding. Massive.

‘Senzar’ is okay as an opener, but this is an EP that just gets better and better with each track.

By the time we get to ‘Portal’, third, we are dealing with one seriously intriguing and enriching band, who’ve moved so far from the now comparatively plain heavy crust of their former identity.

Listen to how the bass blubs around the lower reaches of ‘Portal’, sliding around. How Trevor’s bark cuts through the mix. How that snare lands, thick and full.

‘Sky Burial’ has a bit of an Amebix clean pluck, borrowing some of that raven sound-imagery, while the steamrollering at the start of ‘Seer’ is absolutely furious. The snare sound in this is pure magic when the speed picks up.

And that’s not to even mention ‘When The Sun Stands Still’s almost ridiculous blasting.

Some of the esoteric waffle around this release would be quaint if you couldn’t feel it reeking out of the pores of the music: you just know when you’re listening to it that you’re listening to something more than the product of riffs and screams pasted together.

You’re listening to a proper fucking band.

It is so rich, in imagery, anger, tone and, once again, heaviness, shot through with a magical, smokey, ceremonial, quality.

Absolutely superb.

4.4 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 27/07/18

  1. Sick drum sound

  2. Opensores Says:

    This is quality stuff!

  3. earl grey Says:

    I’ve just been blown away by it. I approached it with a measure of what I expected to be over-familiarity re more Coldwar, but it just blows that idea away. It gets better and better with every track and its just total intensity. The production, as I’ve said, is just fantastic – authentic to the band, represents the instruments well, and it is just so unbelievably intense and heavy. Bravo. The whole thing is punishing. Everyone should hear it.

  4. Barrytron Says:

    Think the Facebook link for this is spam FYI.

  5. Jesus, I wasn’t expecting that. Savage.

  6. I had no interest in Coldwar, but this sounds really really great..fair play!

  7. Trackmix Studio Says:

    Great review.
    Thanks for the kind words re the production.
    For any bands reading, this sound comes from precision playing and “digging in”, hitting the drums shells hard and consistently and picking hard on the guitars but keeping everything in tune.
    The guys can really play and that makes it easy to get a good mix.

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